Apps On Ruby on Rails Framework

  • 2019-02-04

Created back in 1995, Ruby is a dynamic general purpose scripting language that has become one of the top ten programming languages today. Ruby on Rails or simply Rails, which is based on Ruby, is an open source framework widely used by developers across the globe for different purposes. Let’s have a quick look at why Rails has gained so much attention and adoption.

Key advantages with Rails

Faster development

Rails significantly minimizes the development time compared to other common web frameworks. Key reasons behind faster development with Rails include object-orientation of Ruby, extensive open source code, modular design, and lean code base, among others.


The readable and simple syntax of Ruby enable developers to accomplish more with less code. Use of common language and English-like syntax allow the developers to code easily and quickly. The Rails framework boasts of built-in solutions for a diverse range of problems that developers commonly face. If you can’t find a gem for a function in the RubyGems repository, you can surely find an expert in the huge Ruby community who’ll help you out.

Quality product

Rails saves money and time while ensuring high quality. Developers can easily build applications that follow good development’s principles. It also promotes testing automation and thus, helps in delivering a better product.

Popular applications built on Rails

Since its inception in 2005, Rails has come a long way and today, you can find a huge number of scalable web applications built on this framework for both established brands as well as startups. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most famous applications built with Rails.

We Heart It

If you’re into social networking, you’ve probably heard of We Heart It – the image-based social network that allows users to share photos. Available in 23 languages, this network is a Rails application that offers a huge range of images on diverse topics that include art, lifestyle, fashion, quotes, and interior design, among others. The thing that makes it stand out of the pack is the presence of No comments feature that helps We Heart It make a positive ambiance of service and get rid of any potential negativity.


Since its inception in 2008, SoundCloud has been empowering users to record, upload, share, and foster sounds which are created originally. This online music distribution platform is famous for its unique content and features, and for connecting music enthusiasts to their favorite artists. SoundCloud, built on Rails, is widely considered as one of the most popular online spaces to uncover podcasts, best tracks, raw demos etc.


This giant online community marketplace acts as a medium to connect travelers to the locals of a location for lodging. Travelers can list, explore, and book the best-suited accommodation for them, across the globe as Airbnb offers its services in 191 countries. This Rails-based platform offers an array of lodging options including hotel, villa, castle, apartment or anything that you can find in the enlisted choices.


You’d hardly find an avid reader who hasn’t heard of Goodreads. Launched in 2007, this Rail-based platform is considered as one of the best online places and the largest society for book readers. Users can share, recommend, and search for books in its collection of over 2.3 billion books. If you don’t belong to Goodreads’ league of 80 million members but still enjoy reading, you can get started on this platform to find millions of opinions and reviews, develop your own bookshelves, and track your friends’ reading experience.


It’s a global community with an aim to attract investors or funds for creative projects. Kickstarter is immensely popular among creative people from every walk of life like those inventing technologies, the ones who are into software development, or film and music making, just to name a few. This Rails-based platform was a starting point for famous projects including Coolest Cooler, Pebble Time etc.


Since its inception in 2010, this global networking site has maintained a steady popularity. It allows users to create profiles and send questions to other users. If you’ve been turned down by the popular search engines in terms of finding an answer to your unsolved question, you can ask it within Askfm. And chances of finding an expert who’ll help you by resolving your query is high.


This Rails-based web application is designed to host presentations and slideshows, and is extremely popular in the fields of education and web-conferencing. Users are able to upload and share presentations in an array of formats including PowerPoint, PDF and OpenOffice. In 2012, SlideShare became a part of the LinkedIn family because of its usefulness and popularity.

Crazy Egg

There’s hardly any website owner who doesn’t love to visit Crazy Egg when it comes to optimizing his/her site content and architecture. This application allows business owners as well as marketers to study a website’s user behavior, thus offering them a robust insight about what’s performing and what isn’t. This may include the areas of a website that visitors show their interest in, their entry and exit gateway, their scrolling habits etc.

In the context of games development, there’s an opinion that Ruby isn’t the best choice for mobile- or desktop-based games. In general, as Ruby is a friendly language and works great for rapidly experimenting with different concepts. As a result, it can be used for game development to a good extent. However, in reality, games built with Ruby are quite few. Still, you can consider Tank Island – an open source 2D shooter game, which was developed with Ruby by utilizing the Gosu game development library.