Ruby Worldwide Conferences

  • 2019-02-04

The world of technology is evolving continuously with changes in best practices and techniques, and Ruby is no different. There’re lots of Ruby conferences that are held worldwide and Ruby enthusiasts across the globe should try to attend them. Wondering what’s so special about them? Let’s see.

The need of attending Ruby conferences

Ruby conferences aren’t great opportunities just for experts, students or aspiring professionals, but can even help every Ruby enthusiast with an array of benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of them.

  • Getting familiar with the community: When you attend a Ruby conference, you get to know the community. From Ruby developers to involved companies – all of them share their invaluable insights and plans related to present trends and ideas.
  • High-quality content: Ruby conferences maintain a fine balance between high-level stuff and highly technical talks. You can hardly find such a balance under one roof.
  • Networking: A Ruby conference lets you connect with participants from different domains having different views and perspectives. You can learn from them, and pave the way for future cooperation in terms of collective projects and even get access to newer opportunities via networking. In addition, you get to learn what experts and stakeholders are thinking about the present and upcoming approaches for Ruby.

Notable Ruby conferences of 2018

Here’re some of the most notable Ruby conferences held across the globe in 2018.


It’s one of the biggest conferences for Ruby purists. Last year, it was held in Los Angeles, CA (November 13-15). Participants enjoyed 3 full days of Ruby goodness at the vibrant LA downtown. There were “Lightning Talks” where anyone could give a talk on any topic, and BoFs which were informal discussion groups developed around any topic. Eminent keynote speakers included Yukihiro Matsumoto – the creator of Ruby, who took the conference to a much higher level.

Bath Ruby Conference

After leaving an enduring impression in 2016 with hundreds of developers across the globe, Bath Ruby Conference opened its doors once again last year. Held at Bath, UK, this conference brought together a number of informative talks to hundreds of beginner Ruby coders, developers, and enthusiasts. Participants experienced insightful thoughts from speakers like Simon Starr – founder of Bath Ruby, and Najaf Ali – owner of Happy Bear Software, among others.


It’s the longest-running and biggest conference of RoR developers. Last year, it hosted Ruby enthusiasts for the 13th time in the vibrant location of Pittsburgh, PA during April 17-19. Organized by Ruby Central that aspires to advocate and support the Ruby community, this conference included workshops and sessions on GraphQL on Rails, math for Rails engineers, refactoring and many more topics. Participants were able to meet companies, top talents, and project representatives from all over the world.

Ruby Unconf Hamburg

Held at Hamburg, Germany during May 5-6, Ruby Unconf Hamburg was one of the ideal gatherings for people who were Ruby enthusiasts, wanted to work with Ruby, or wanted to learn Ruby. It offered a unique format where every participant could add his/her idea to the list.

Upcoming Ruby conferences

Here’s a brief list of Ruby conferences of 2019 that you shouldn’t miss out on.

RubyConf AU

This conference will be held at Melbourne, Australia on February 7-9 and is gearing up to gather developers from hundreds of prominent companies to collaborate, network, and celebrate the Ruby community. This year’s speaker line-up boasts of Nadia Odunayo – CTO at CodeNewbie, and Eliza Sorensen – founder of Assembly Four, among others.

RubyFuza & Friends

Africa’s oldest Ruby conference RubyFuza will be organized on February 7-8 at Cape Town, South Africa. The event is planning to bring together both newcomers and tech-savvy professionals apart from top influences and software engineers from across the programming landscape. This year, participants will be able to hear talks on soft skills, personal growth, leadership etc.


This year, it’ll be the 7th edition of the famous Italian Ruby conference, which will be held at Verona, Italy on April 11th. Organized by GrUSP – creator of events like phpDay and jsDay, this single day conference will facilitate both basic expertise and advanced level talks. There’ll also be a day-long workshop on April 10th for Ruby enthusiasts.

Balkan Ruby

The 2nd edition of the conference about Ruby and its ecosystem will be taking placing in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 17-18. Those looking to hear some great pieces of entertaining and thought-provoking talks centered around Ruby shouldn’t miss out on this conference. Keynote speakers will include Aaron Patterson – a Ruby contributor working at GitHub, Eileen Uchitelle – a senior Systems Engineer at GitHub, who is also a member of the Rails Security Team and Rails Core Team.

Ruby on Ice

Organized by Ruby Berlin e.V. – a German volunteer organization, Ruby on Ice will take place in Tegernsee, Germany on February 22-24. This Ruby on Rails conference has the aim of helping Ruby enthusiasts to exchange experience and knowledge. Ruby on Ice offers free tickets to people facing economic hardship and to the disadvantaged and underrepresented groups in an effort to make the conference accessible to all. Eileen Uchitelle – a senior Systems Engineer at Github, will be one of the keynote speakers.

Summing up

If you’re interested in learning more about Ruby and what you can do with it, or if Ruby on Rails is the framework supporting a crucial aspect of your business, consider attending any of the upcoming Ruby conferences. Remember that the only way to stay up to date with new technology, especially when an open source code is concerned, is to gain knowledge directly from the industry experts and developers who’re writing that code.