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A conference for human rubyists

13 - 15 April 2018 | Exeter, Devon, UK

Isle of Ruby, in its simplest form, will be a Ruby conference. We aspire though to create something bigger — a festival of sorts. A festival for our craft — for technology and for Ruby, our programming language of choice.

Technology does not exist in a vacuum. While Isle of Ruby wants to be a Ruby conference, it also wants spur on members of our community to consider how the work we do affects the world around us. We invite Rubyist to talk on projects and experiences among those lines and we will bring in people from other programming communities and disciplines to help us explore some of these questions.

Are you our next speaker?

Isle of Ruby is a Ruby event. We are looking for talks about programming in Ruby and topics of interest to Rubyists, as both programmers and human beings.

We aspire to create a different type of Ruby conference. We are particularly concerned about the social aspects of the work we do.

Our focus is on the interrelationship between programming and the ethical, political, and social aspects of software and encourage reflexion, discussion, thinking, and action on topics such as:

  • The potential impact of programming and how it can be harnessed for societal change
  • Ethical aspects of software development
  • Intersection between software and humanities
  • Interdisciplinary efforts to analyse and improve the Web and web development
  • Working for entities other than private companies (NGOs, government) and the impact said work can have
  • Combining code and social aspects

We are also happy with non-talk proposals, such as workshops and moderated discussions.

The Call for Proposals is now open and will close on the 6th of February at 12:00am GMT. Happy writing!


A weekend together at Exeter University


Conference, party, accommodation and outdoor activities for the whole family — all in one completely accessible place.


From the community to the community

I love Ruby — do you love Ruby too?

We are organising a brand new event for the Ruby community. It will be a conference but also a festival of sorts. A festival for our craft — for technology and for Ruby, our programming language of choice.

We aim to be numerous. Our team—with members mainly from Europe and the UK—includes past organisers of successful editions of eurucamp and EuRuKo.

All this under the umbrella of Ruby Berlin.